How to Use Cockroach Spray

cockroach-control-scarboroughMost aerosol sprays are water-based system which ensures the cost of production is low. Additionally, this kind of system tends to be good at penetrating into hard to access areas. Take note that the sprays are messy and may leave sticky residue on surfaces such as walls. Some sprays may have pungent smells and should be used in areas with proper ventilation. Residual cockroach sprays not only remove cockroaches, but also other pests inside your residence. Knowing how to use such sprays will ensure you get optimum results and you are not affected by them.

How to begin

Before you use a cockroach spray, make sure you thoroughly read the label. Information such as First Aid and precautions should be taken seriously.


Roach spray can enter the body through absorption, ingestion and inhalation by the eyes and skin. Since the skin is prone to exposure, it is prudent to ensure your body is covered as much as possible. In some cases, you may be required to wear protective clothing specified on the label.


Make sure the cockroach spray label indicates that the product is for indoor use. Provide sufficient ventilation by ensuring doors and windows are opened, unless the product’s label states otherwise. Keep in mind that there are some sprays that are effective in a sealed (unventilated) house or room. Make sure your family and pets are outdoors when you are spraying the house/room. Some sprays have a specified length of time. However, in most cases, half an hour to an hour is the recommended duration.

Apply majority of surface sprays to limited areas like cracks. Do not treat entire ceilings, walls and floors unless the label recommends spraying such areas. The most crucial precautions you can take are:

– Never place sprays in enclosed, small places such as cabinets and closets or under counters and tables

– Keep sprays away from heat or ignition sources such as water heaters, space heaters, air conditioners, stoves and ovens.

– Use the amount specified on the label

In the kitchen, remove dishes, pans and pots and food before treating cabinets in the kitchen. Don’t let the spray get on any surfaces you use for food preparation. Give the shelves some time before you refill them, preferably about an hour or so. Wash any surfaces that may have cockroach spray residue before placing food on them. These are tips that will ensure you use cockroach spray safely and effectively.