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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers free from Cockroaches. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure cockroaches are gone and our customers are happy. Call us for cockroach control services.

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Cockroach Control Ajax

We offer reliable, high-quality, and affordable cockroach extermination. Our exterminations are done by fully trained, licensed and insured experts that have access to effective products and tools available only to pros. Our treatments are no match for whatever infestation you are dealing with regardless of severity or scale. We use commercial-grade low mammalian toxicity pesticides in various forms that warrant complete cockroach control. Thanks to residual effects, aerosol (ULV) Ultra-Low Volume mist, and dusts cockroaches in deep harborage sites will be eliminated as soon as they walk on the treatment while protecting you from any spike in a cockroach activity during the time of our service warranty.

We offer a 6-month robust service warranty for extra security that promises our return when the roaches do free of cost. For more information, contact the customer service specialists for a complete rundown and to book an appointment!

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Cockroach Removal Process


To gain a complete understanding of the infestation, technicians will need to conduct a thorough interior inspection. They will locate hotspots and high areas of activity in places such as the kitchen, identify species, and assess the infestation for custom countermeasures and solutions for extermination on the very same day.


Customers are expected to tidy up all the spaces that the technician will treat. Technicians need to move around freely without any obstruction. In the kitchen, the most crucial are cleared countertops and empty cabinets. To clear space on the countertops, things can be moved to a table and covered with a tablecloth for protection. Kitchen appliances like the refrigerator need to be pulled out to leave a gap between the walls. In the bathroom, clear countertops are expected as well. Things from the bathroom can also be moved to a table and covered with a tablecloth for protection.


The cockroach extermination process will happen right after the inspection. Technicians will use a wide variety of commercial-grade pesticides that result in a max yield to eliminate the population. Residual effects will continue for weeks and will destroy cockroaches and eggs over time. Technicians focus on spaces with peak cockroach activity based on cockroach identification. We focus on eliminating the source of the infestation. ULV (Ultra Low Volume) deploys pesticides in a compressed mist form that ensures corner-to-corner coverage. We also engage in crack and crevice deep harborage treatment and full-coverage baseboard sprays throughout the entire interior to flush out the cockroaches that are deeply nestled.


Preventative measures will also be the customer’s responsibility to keep roaches away. Regular upkeep and cleaning are required to prevent reinfestation. Food and water sources need to be taken care of. Floors and countertops need to be cleaned regularly, if not daily. Leftovers need to be discarded right away. Make sure food does not remain in the sink overnight. When bringing in boxes or furniture, caution is needed because they might have cockroaches. Cockroaches can easily move from one unit to another in multi-residential buildings and can cause an ongoing infestation. Extermination alone will not take care of the infestation, but an additional ongoing commitment to cleaning and tidying up will keep the issue away.

Cockroach Dangers

Cockroaches are a danger to people who have a compromised immune system. This includes people with asthma and the elderly. Cockroaches are also vector species of diseases and can compromise health negatively.

Cockroach information

The most common species are the German Cockroach, Oriental, American Cockroach, and the smaller, Brown-Banded Cockroach. Technicians are well-aware of their quirks and behaviour patterns, and this is essential to complete cockroach extermination.

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Our services are performed by licensed technicians who have quality tools and equipment at their disposal. We have rid countless homes of severe infestations using proven techniques repeatedly.

Cockroach Control Ajax

Licensed and inured exterminators can take on very cockroach cases, new or ongoing. We have access to effective tools and commercial-grade pesticides guaranteed to eliminate the cockroach infestation. Whatever the issue is, we will resolve it. Our cockroach control services are backed up with a 6-month service warranty. If cockroaches return, we will return as well free of charge. Call xxx-xxx-xxx

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