How to Prevent Cockroaches from Returning

Cockroach Control Toronto
Cockroach Control Toronto

Having cockroaches in your home is an embarrassing problem; it may limit you from inviting friends in. Its control has become an issue due to infestations especially from the German cockroach. The German cockroach is difficult to control because it has a very short life cycle that allows it to reproduce within a short period of time. Its high resilience makes it very difficult for the home makers to curb their growth and the increase in population.

We need to understand that they are naturally drawn to environments where they are more comfortable. This includes areas with food source, a water source and dark places where they can hide. However, there are approaches that one can take in order to make your home uncomfortable for the cockroaches. These include:

Closing their entry

You can get rid of the cockroaches by cutting off their entry points by sealing the cracks and crevices where they are said to enter and use as their habitat. Make use of weather stripping and caulking to block all these crannies and nooks.

Cut off their essential supplies

Ensure that you fix your dripping sink and leaking pipes. By doing so, you will help not only to conserve water but also to cut off the cockroaches’ water supply. Get rid of the source of their food by ensuring that there are no open food containers that will get in your pantry or cupboards. Ensure that you put pantry staples like pastas, dried fruits, grains and essentials of baking in airtight containers. Eliminate the food cramps from your counter tops, floors, lingering dirty dishes and trashcans.

If you are experiencing a full blown cockroach infestation, you need to apply simple measures of prevention in order to prevent them from invading your home. Cleaning is one strategy, though the cockroaches are persistent as they can live a month or more without taking any food, therefore you need not to expect them to leave because the kitchen was cleaned for one night. Traps are also needed in order to eliminate and prevent them fully from coming back.

Use of the chemicals

Chemicals can be employed in prevention of the cockroaches, but as a last resort, especially if the infestation is in the kitchen. Ensure that you avoid using it in places which are easily accessible by the children and pets. Boric acid is one of the chemical that can be used in controlling and preventing cockroaches. The acid does not allow cockroaches to build up the immunity as they do it in other poisons. This acid dries them rather poisoning them.

Therefore by using the above control and prevention measures and contacting a pest control expert in case the situation gets beyond your control, you will be able to make your home inhabitable for the cockroaches.