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Roach Control is your premier destination for everything you need to get cockroaches exterminated from your commercial or residential property. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured exterminators that have been in the field for years. We are properly equipped with the best pesticides and tools to make your case a success. At Roach Control, we take our time before jumping into action, and we do that with careful and thorough assessments and inspections to look for areas of high activity and hotspots. We identify species and colonies to know what compounds work best to counteract the cockroach presence and extinguish the colony completely over time. Crack and crevice applications and deep harborage treatments ensure that we flush out cockroaches wherever they are hiding. Whether behind cabinets or inside wall voids, we have it all covered.

Pesticides we handle are low in mammalian toxicity, but powerful enough to deliver a fatal blow to the population that comes in contact with the insecticides and their residual effects. It is safe for humans and pets We have pesticides for various circumstances and in various forms to reach the cockroaches anywhere!

Roach Control has been in the region for years and has been helping out businesses, families, and individuals get their lives on track for years. We are a local cockroach control team passionate about helping our neighbours in the best way we can, and we all do it at reasonable prices while maintaining a high quality of work no matter where we go. Pest Control specialists at Roach Control are licensed by the Ministry of Environment and had to go through rigorous testing before being able to do the work they face on a daily basis.

Roach Control works according to the Integrated Pest Management or Integrated Pest Control tenets that seek to reduce the human footprint on the environment and to bring together cost-effective methods and techniques.
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