4 Essential Tips In Establishing The Source Of A Cockroach Infestation

German-Roach-Infestation-and-thier-fecal-matterIf you are grappling with a cockroach infestation, you already know that the creatures are living in your house as you see them skedaddling everywhere. Finding out exactly where they are nesting is another issue, but you can do it and try to get rid of the bugs on your own before seeking a professional exterminator’s services in Toronto. Below, therefore, we take a look at 4 important tips on how to find the source of a cockroach infestation as follows:

1. Know the type of cockroaches you are dealing with

Different cockroaches are known to prefer different nesting areas. For instance, the German cockroach- the most common variety- likes warm, moist areas such as tight cracks in kitchens and bathrooms. The much larger oriental cockroach generally prefers nesting below ground level, in crawl spaces and basements, while the brownbanded cockroach is likely to be found throughout the house, often in high spots and appliances. Lastly, the American cockroach’s (palmetto bug) preference is commercial buildings and since it likes warmth, it may be found in sewer pipes and heating ducts.

2. Hunting them down

The easiest way of finding out the general location of a cockroach nest is by flipping on the light in a dark room and see where the critters run. This should give you a good idea of where their abode is. Alternatively, you could come up with drawings of every room before commencing an inspection. Using a flashlight and a small mirror, look behind and underneath cabinets, appliances, and furniture. Also, take pictures off the walls to establish if cockroaches are nesting behind them. Remember, have a vacuum cleaner with you ready to suck up any live cockroaches you encounter.

3. Look out for nesting signs

Besides live cockroaches, you will also find signs of their nests in what they leave behind. While dead roaches are pretty obvious, be on the lookout for fecal matter- small black spots that are similar to pepper. If you find lots of them, expect to have a considerable infestation characterized a musty, unpleasant scent. You may also find skins that they leave behind when molting as well as oval egg casings.

4. Commencing the elimination procedure

Strategically placing sticky traps (roach motels) near suspected nests can give you a rough idea of how many cockroaches are in the vicinity. If the traps fill out quickly, know that you are in the right area. Get to work immediately by filling in any crevices and gaps with caulking. Equally important, do not leave any crumbs or food out, and store food in air tight containers, rather than leaving open boxes. Additionally, get rid of any clutter that may provide a nesting and hiding space and clean up spills immediately so cockroaches do not have access to a water source.