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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers free from Cockroaches. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure cockroaches are gone and our customers are happy. Call us for cockroach control services.

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Cockroach Control Etobicoke

Reliable, unmatched, and affordable cockroach control solutions in Etobicoke. Technicians are fully licensed and insured to handle the most complex infestations. They have access to quality tools and products that are safe for humans and pets. We utilize commercial-grade insecticides that have a very low mammalian toxicity which makes them safe to use indoors. Through the residual effects of our products, aerosol ultra-low volume mists, and insecticide dust, we can flush them out in no time from their hiding places. All our cockroach services are backed up with a 6-month service warranty. If cockroaches return, we will do the same for no additional charge. Call 647-557-5861.

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Cockroach Removal Process


Technicians need a thorough and full understanding of the situation prior to treatment. This is achieved through careful inspection to determine the best solutions for a unique plan of action. Frequent hotspots are kitchens and bathrooms and can vary greatly in severity and scale. Different factors come into play such as what stage of their life cycle the roaches are in from to the absorption rate of the cabinet materials. Everything needs to be accounted for in the treatment plan accordingly. We have everything at hand to start extermination the very same day. 


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Preparation is key and is crucial to make sure cockroaches are not able to come back. Technicians need unobstructed access to areas hidden from plain sight. Customers are expected to fully cooperate to empty kitchen cabinets and countertops before we arrive on location. The same is expected for bathroom cabinets. To make sure you know what is expected, we send a detailed prep sheet before arrival.


We have access to a full range of commercial-grade pesticides and tools to get rid of the cockroach population. We rely on the residual effects of our pesticides that can greatly affect the insects once they meet the treatment. Once applied, it creates a thin invisible shield of tiny crystals. These treatments are applied to where cockroaches frequent. Humans and pets cannot get these treatments. The insecticides are applied in cracks and crevices. Our products have low mammalian toxicity and pose no threat whatsoever to your pets or family. Every of our crew members is equipped with an Ultra Low Volume Mist (ULV) machine to reach deep harborage areas behind cabinets and inside walls, and voids to eliminate the cockroach population from their hiding places and accelerate the extermination.

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance should be taken by customers to make sure that cockroaches cannot come back. An ongoing commitment to cleaning and upkeep will keep the cockroaches away from your property. Water and food sources should be removed at all times. Most cockroach infestations are started by being brought inside in boxes and furniture. They can contain cockroaches and cockroach eggs that can be brought in unsuspiciously. Extermination alone will not get rid of the cockroaches, but a continuous commitment will keep cockroaches away for good.

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Cockroach Dangers

Cockroaches are a danger to people who have a compromised immune system. This includes people with asthma and the elderly. Cockroaches are also vector species of diseases and can compromise health negatively.

Cockroach information

The most common species are the German Cockroach, Oriental, American Cockroach, and the smaller, Brown-Banded Cockroach. Technicians are well-aware of their quirks and behaviour patterns, and this is essential to a complete cockroach eradication.

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We care. We show it by putting in the work. We are licensed and insured exterminators ready for any type of cockroach infestation. We have the tools and the products to make up for seamless cockroach extermination. All you need to do is call to book us. 

Professional Cockroach Extermination Services in Etobicoke

Whether your infestation has been going on for several years or has been starting recently, we will be able to handle it regardless of scale or severity. We have the tools and products ready for every infestation.

All our services are backed up with a 6-month service warranty. If the roaches return, you will see us again for no additional charge.

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