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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers free from Cockroaches. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure cockroaches are gone and our customers are happy. Call us for cockroach control services.

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Cockroach Control Burlington

We offer unmatched, dependable, and high-quality cockroach solutions to you in Burlington! We have them done by fully insured and licensed exterminators that have the best products and tools available to control your infestation. Our treatments are safe for humans and pests yet are highly effective against the most severe cockroach infestations in the city. We use commercial-grade pesticides in various forms that guarantee complete cockroach control! Through the application of residual pesticides, aerosol-low volume mist, and pesticide dust, we can warrant a complete elimination from their hiding places wherever on the property. All our cockroach services are backed up with a 6-month service warranty. If the roaches come back, we will make a comeback for no additional cost. Call 647-557-5861

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Cockroach Removal Process


Before we get started on the extermination, the technicians will need a full understanding of the ongoing cockroach infestation. We take our time to thoroughly comb and create a customized plan of action. Prevalent cockroach activity is in the kitchen and bathrooms. Cockroach infestations can differ greatly in intensity and scope. Cockroaches can be in different stages of their life cycles, kitchen cabinets can have differing absorption rates, and so technicians will have to plan everything in detail accordingly. Customers do not need to worry as they have everything they need for same-day extermination.

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The better prepared you are, the more effective the technician can perform the extermination. We need unobstructed access to places where cockroaches gather. Customers are expected to empty kitchen cabinets and countertops before our arrival. The same applies to bathroom cabinets. To make sure instructions are followed thoroughly, we will send a detailed prep sheet with instructions for your convenience.


Our exterminators have access to a wide variety of commercial-grade products and tools to deal with a variety of situations. Ultimately, we rely on the use of insecticides that have a residual effect. Once applied to a surface the insecticide is absorbed by the surface creating an invisible layer of tiny crystals that will affect the insects when they come in contact with the surface. All products are applied in cracks and crevices where insects frequent and are not accessible by humans or pets. Our products have a very low mammalian toxicity and once dry pose no danger at all to your family or pets. Every one of our technicians is equipped with an Ultra Low Volume Mist (ULV) machine to reach deep harborage areas behind cabinets and inside wall voids. This helps flush the insects out from their hiding places and speeds up the extermination.

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Preventive measures can be taken so that the cockroach infestation does not come back. Regular upkeep and cleaning will stave off the cockroaches for the longest time by eliminating food and water sources. Most cockroach infestations start from the outside when people bring in boxes and furniture that have cockroach eggs and cockroaches themselves. Cockroaches can easily navigate from one unit to the other one and keep the infestation going. Extermination is not the only solution here, but regular upkeep and tidying will create reasons for the roaches not to come back.

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Cockroach Dangers

Cockroaches are a danger to people who have a compromised immune system. This includes people with asthma and the elderly. Cockroaches are also vector species of diseases and can compromise health negatively.

Cockroach information

The most common species are the German Cockroach, Oriental, American Cockroach, and the smaller, Brown-Banded Cockroach. Technicians are well-aware of their quirks and behaviour patterns, and this is essential to a complete cockroach eradication.

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Why Hire Us?

Because we care and will we go above and beyond to do whatever is necessary to get rid of the infestation. We have the best tools and equipment available to handle any kind of infestation. They are handled by the most qualified insured and licensed exterminators who will not stop until they get results.

Cockroach Control Burlington

It does not matter whether the infestation has been going on or f you’re just dealing with it recently. We will get rid of it guaranteed no matter the severity of the scope, you can count on us.  Call 647-557-5861


Have fully licensed, insured, and trained technicians with the best tools and the best attitude working for you. 

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