What Should You Do if You Saw A Cockroach in Your Kitchen?

Cockroaches are common invaders for any home and can spread infections. Once they are inside your house, it could be difficult for you to exterminate them. It may damage you home by staining your wallpapers and even spreading germs to human food. The kitchen is one of the favourable places for cockroaches to infest from where they are extremely hard to remove. Usually, a cockroach is unsightly and may indicate the hygiene of your house. But what should you do if you saw a cockroach in your kitchen? Here is how to deal with it.

#1 Seal the openings
Cockroaches and other insect tend to come inside your home through sewer vents and drain lines. They may also invade through small gaps under the door or through the sides of the window. If you spotted a cockroach in the kitchen, you must inspect if they are coming from outside. Seal all the gaps and openings to stop them from trespassing.

#2 Keep trash bin clean
Trash bins are a perfect place for cockroaches to multiply. There is food and moisture inside, which makes it best suitable for cockroaches to loiter. If you do not clean your trash regularly, it’s time to do so. You may also get a trash bin with a lid, but some cockroaches may still find their way through small gaps. Never dump leftovers directly in the bin, instead, seal them in plastic bags so that the invaders are not able to reach the food.
#3 Store food safely
Cockroaches tend to snack on your food and spread germs. It can cause infection and diseases. Therefore, it is important not to leave your food open even for a minute. You may not notice them getting on your food while you are away, but they never miss a chance to do so. Always keep cooked food covered so that no cockroach may enter it. It will starve them and prevent them from multiplying. Also keep all the edibles in the air-tight containers to keep them safe.
#4 Keep your kitchen crumb-free
In spite of storing your food safely, cockroaches may feed on the food crumbs that are not visible to your eyes. It is important to keep the floor clean by mopping it regularly. Also clean the countertop thoroughly. Cockroaches hide under the stove where they get ample food to thrive.
#5 Use a cockroach bait
If you see an increasing number of cockroaches that do not go even after the above efforts, you may invest in a cockroach bait. They are easily available and works well to get rid of them in a safe and natural way.

More often than not, these techniques are sufficient to prevent cockroaches from thriving although if you find it hard to prevent or control them, consider hiring a professional to handle the issue effectively and safely.