What Foods Most Attract Roaches?

Cockroaches are omnivorous scavengers and eat any organic food they can find. They prefer sweets, meats and starches, but they can also feed on items like leather, hair, books and decaying matter. Cockroaches can be very difficult to control once they establish themselves in a home. They have the ability to adapt quickly to different environments and are attracted to a variety of things. In order to prevent them from infecting your home it is important to know what foods most attract roaches.

What Foods most attract roaches?


The food that attracts roaches most is sugar. Candy, Sweets, sugar, baked goods and anything containing sugar should be sealed tightly. Juice and Soda attract roaches because of the high sugar content in them. Spilled sugary drinks that have dried can be smelled by roaches. Fruits are full of natural sugars, and cockroaches eat discarded or fruit left in the open because to this.


Meat that is left open attracts cockroaches. They can even find extremely small pieces of chicken, fish, beef, or other meat. Meat leftovers in the open, meat spilled during cooking and small pieces left on the floor will attract cockroaches into your kitchen.

The Bread Crumbs

Areas with food bits will constantly attract roaches. It is very important to keep the house as clean as possible. Floors should be vacuumed, swept and Moped regularly; this removes any crumbs and debris that can attract roaches.

Water and Moisture Attracts roaches

Roaches need moisture to survive and so are attracted to moist environments. Stagnant water, condensation from pipes and Leaky faucets, provide a water source for roaches. Removing the water or moisture source makes the home less attractive for a nesting ground. Standing water should be removed or wiped up, and leaky faucets repaired. The pet water bowl should be kept in a safe place away from roaches.

Foul Odours attract roaches

Garbage will attract all manner of pests. Improperly disposed of compost or a small litter of trash bags will attract roaches very quickly. Take out the trash and move the compost to the proper location, in a sealed bin dedicated for composting, so as to reduce that possibility. To prevent roaches, use a tighter lid on everything that carries garbage.


Cockroaches are also attracted to starches. Because of this, they sometimes feed on book bindings, Paper or cardboard, like used pizza boxes, for the starch particularly when no food is available. They can also eat through paper bags to get to food.

Organic Matter

Being scavengers cockroaches can survive off of most organic matter. Hair, leather, dead insects, bugs and cockroaches, and decaying matter are a viable food source. Cockroaches can be attracted by decaying plant matter like dying grass or a compost heap, and bones or animal parts left over after cooking.

In conclusion, Cockroaches are normally very attracted to a poorly kept home. It is very important to keep the house as clean as possible. Dishes and counters should be kept clean. Opened food items, including pet food will attract cockroaches, so food should be sealed in airtight containers. Floors should be vacuumed, or swept and Moped regularly; this removes any crumbs and debris that can attract cockroaches.