Best Natural Cockroaches Repellents

cockroach-controlThroughout the globe, there are more than 3,000 known species of Cockroaches. Many of this affect the household. They are found in groceries, hotels and restaurants. In U.S.A alone, more than 1.5 billion dollars are used in controlling Cockroaches. They are considered to be the worst domestic pest that consume human food and contaminate with excrement and saliva. They cause transmission of diseases such as Bacteria, which results in food poisoning. As well, Cockroaches are a source of allergies indoor second to house dust.

Best Natural Cockroaches Repellents

If roaches have posed a significant challenge in your apartment or house, then consider the following repellants


This is a safer alternative which is applied trough sprinkling in places where cockroaches congregate. The common areas are behind kitchen appliances and the hidden cabinet tops. These tiny particles are harmless to people and kill the roaches within 2 days. They cut the waxy exoskeleton. The repellant should be applied after every 14 days.


This is a natural repellant with nepetalactone active ingredients. It is nontoxic to a human being and their pets. Small sachets of this are just left in areas of roach’s activity. It can also be simmered in some small amounts of water to make what is called Catnip tea that is used to spray on counters and around baseboards. The natural repellent should be used in residential areas without Cats.


We should always keep spray bottles of soapy water at hand. Spraying cockroaches directly will kill them


Use an empty coffee can. Place 2-3 pieces of bread that you have soaked sufficiently in beer. Places these pieces in areas which are well known to be roach infections areas and wait to see what happens. They die.


Cockroaches like high places. Try and put boric acid on kitchen cabinet tops (STRICTLY not inside). If there is space between cabinet and ceiling then the cockroaches are going to take the acids to their nest, this kill off of them automatically. Remember the acid is toxic hence you should keep away from children’s and pets.


There are non-toxic cockroach traps. They are commercially available. Purchase one and it will be a solution to your residential problems that are posed by the roaches.

Ideally, the best defense against insects is a clean bathroom and kitchen. If roaches are a challenge in your residential areas then try to vacuum well and then thoroughly wash the area with strong soap. Always dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag using a sealed container. Do not allow cockroaches in your home.