4 Signs Of Cockroach Infestation In Your House

Cockroach Control Toronto
Cockroach Control Toronto

Cockroaches are very unpleasant and menacing pests. This makes it the more important to know the signs of a cockroach infestation. Of course the surest way of confirming their presence is by spotting them in the house, but because they are nocturnal creatures, this may be difficult. Luckily, they do leave a trail of other vivid signs that may hint on a possible infestation. Below are 4 signs of cockroach infestation in your house.

1. Daytime sightings

As noted, cockroaches operate best at night. They live and feed in darkness. They also prefer hidden and damp places especially for breeding. That is why they’re often sighted behind the refrigerator, under mats and carpets, behind floor drains, sinks and stoves. During a severe infestation, cockroaches become visible during the day. They are distinctive insects that are easy to identify.

A typical roach measures between half an inch and 5 inches. Its body is flat and elongated, allowing the bug to squeeze through the smallest of spaces. Most cockroaches are either black, or light or dark brown in color. They have long conspicuous tentacles and six legs. These set of features can help in ascertaining that the insect sighted is a cockroach.

2. Presence of shell casings

When cockroaches hatch, they leave behind shell casings. These are simply egg cases from which the hatched insects emerge. They are normally small, oval-shaped, and brown in color. Frequent sightings of these casings may indicate that cockroaches are hatching at a very high rate, hence infestation.

3. Cockroach feces

Fecal marks certainly guarantee a cockroach infestation in your house. Feces from small roaches resemble black pepper or coffee grounds. Larger and adult roaches produce cylindrical droppings as feces. The quantity of droppings you encounter in the house can help determine the degree of cockroach infestations. The more the feces, the more the infestation.

4. Unpleasant smells

Some cockroach species emit an unpleasant smell. The smell will often be strong, oily and musty. The odor becomes extremely pungent as the number of cockroaches increases. Besides the obvious hygiene issues associated with roaches, their odor may be too strong that it permeates food left exposed to air, and this may contaminate it.

Sometimes the bodies of dead cockroaches can be spotted all over the house and this should alert you of a possible infestation.

What next?

If you observe one or more of these possible signs and strongly believe there is a cockroach menace in your house, it’s best to contact the local pest control department or service provider. They should assist in house inspection and help you evaluate the best extermination options.