How to Detect Cockroach Infestation

A cockroach infestation is bad for several reasons and the worst scenario would be to have one and not know anything about it!

Thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to detect cockroach infestation and there are quite a few dependable signs that can tell you whether or not you have a roach invasion on your hands.

Firstly, cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and usually wait for everything to go dark and quiet before they go foraging. However, if there are large numbers living under one roof, chances are that some of them will get out during the day too, and this is when you know that you have a considerable number around.

Then there are the dead roaches that you find in nooks and crannies. A large population of cockroaches means several dead cockroaches too and of you seem to be finding just too many dead bodies of these pests around, don’t think your problem is being solved by their death. In fact, know that there are plenty more out there!

Where there are pests, there is bound to be fecal matter left behind, and cockroaches are well known for the mess they cause on this front. Their waste looks like black pepper if the cockroaches are small in size and if they are larger, their droppings are slightly larger.

There is also a strong stench that cockroaches cause, and this too is a good way to find out if you are up against a full-fledged cockroach infestation.

Use these tips to find out if you’re up against a roach invasion and once you’re sure of it, make sure you call in an exterminator to rid your home or office of these pests. These experts will not only annihilate every last roach but will also take steps to ensure they don’t return anytime soon.